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British Psychoanalytic Council – BPC

British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC) is a regulatory body promoting high standards in psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapy.
British Psychotherapy Foundation – BPF
British Psychotherapy Foundation is an organisation fostering education and research in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Registered Supervisor – BAPPS

BAPPS is an organisational member of UKCP and aims to promote education, training and the highest ethical standards of practice in supervising psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapy.
Neuropsychoanalysis Association
The Neuropsychoanalysis Association is an international network of non-profit organisations that support a dialogue between the neurosciences and psychoanalysis.
International Association for Analytical Psychology – IAAP
International Association for Analytical Psychology is a global organisation promoting research and practice in analytical psychology.
Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy – AGIP
The Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy (AGIP) was founded in 1974 to establish a new psychotherapy training and as a professional association of psychoanalytic psychotherapists.
European Association for Psychotherapy – EAP
European Association for Psychotherapy brings together psychotherapists to advance the field at a European level.

Maynard Leigh Associates

Maynard Leigh is a consultancy firm offering leadership and communication skills development.
These affiliations demonstrate Carol Leader’s commitment to professional development, ethical standards,
and a broad network within the psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic communities.